Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mother's Millk

I just read the most interesting article that my midwife partner Leigh forwarded to me. The article was a short write-up on Salma Hayek sharing her breast milk. The video can be found on You Tube if anyone is interested. The video shows Salma Hayek breastfeeding a small African child. I have felt a bit discouraged lately about mom's not wanting to breastfeed. Last weekend I so desperatetly tried to persuade one of my clients to breastfeed her newly born baby. Every time I helped the baby to the breast the mother frowned saying, "my baby just doesn't like my milk." Wouldn't it be nice if all the mothers that breastfed could donate some extra milk to give to all the babies that are formula fed? Or, what if it was completely in the norm for people to breastfeed other people's babies? Here are the breastfeeding benefits from head to toe....

Brain. Higher IQ in breastfed children. Cholesterol and other types of fat in human milk support the growth of nerve tissue.

Eyes. Visual acuity is higher in babies fed human milk.

Ears. Breastfed babies get fewer ear infections.

Mouth. Less need for orthodontics in children breastfed more than a year. Improved muscle development of face from suckling at the breast. Subtle changes in the taste of human milk prepare babies to accept a variety of solid foods.

Throat. Children who are breastfed are less likely to require tonsillectomies.

Respiratory system. Evidence shows that breastfed babies have fewer and less severe upper respiratory infections, less wheezing, less pneumonia and less influenza.

Heart and circulatory system. Evidence suggests that breastfed children may have lower cholesterol as adults. Heart rates are lower in breastfed infants.

Digestive system. Less diarrhea, fewer gastrointestinal infections in babies who are breastfeeding. Six months or more of exclusive breastfeeding reduces risk of food allergies. Also, less risk of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in adulthood.

Immune system. Breastfed babies respond better to vaccinations. Human milk helps to mature baby's own immune system. Breastfeeding decreases the risk of childhood cancer.

Endocrine system. Reduced risk of getting diabetes.

Kidneys. With less salt and less protein, human milk is easier on a baby's kidneys.

Appendix. Children with acute appendicitis are less likely to have been breastfed.

Urinary tract. Fewer infections in breastfed infants.

Joints and muscles. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is less common in children who were breastfed.

Skin. Less allergic eczema in breastfed infants.

Growth. Breastfed babies are leaner at one year of age and less likely to be obese later in life.

Bowels. Less constipation. Stools of breastfed babies have a less-offensive odor.

Oh, if some of my mothers would just give it a chance...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Exam Room Face-Lift

Thanks to my dear friends Jeremy, Rachel, and Jonathan my exam room is looking better than ever! We managed to pull the wallpaper down (which was NOT an easy feat!) and repaint the room in a beautiful light blue/purple color! Last weekend, we completed the daunting task of painting the trim in a bright white. What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes! I have such good friends! We are now in the process of putting our brains together to create a cost-effective way to give the OB waiting room a face-lift...any ideas!? We will most likely get started on this project next month! I am thinking that we will probably take down the wallpaper and paint the walls in another warm color...also--some new toys, pictures on the walls, and maybe some new chairs...I will keep you posted!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random things about me...

1. i have pondered the possibility of doing overseas missions.
2. i have a huge weakness for black babies...i can't help it, black babies are so much more cuter than white babies.
3. i am wearing my converse... at work.
4. my parents gave me a motorcycle in the 6th grade...hence my love for motorcycle riding!
5. i grew up on a farm with cows.
6. i have to have 1 cup of coffee each morning while i watch the NBC today show.
7. i reallly realllly want to be a wife and a mother...
8. i have a weakness for tattoos. i have four. i also have a weakness for tattooed men..hubbba hubbba.
9. i accepted Christ when I was in the 4th grade.
10.when i was in college i dreamed of becoming a full-time roadie for a rock band.
11.i delivered my best friend's baby.
12.i once shared fondue with ina may gaskin. thanks carey.
13.i worked in an arcade in college.
14.i would really like to be someone's valentine.
15.i love the book of philippians.
16.i am currently living in two places.
17.i love weiner dogs.
18.i once gave sarah mclachlan a hug.
19.i was just in the hospital for 6 days for sepsis.
20.i am slightly OCD when it comes to cleaning my house.
21.i sometimes wish i could have dread-locks.
22.my most favorite past-time is to go to concerts.
23.i once assisted with amputaing a leg in africa.
24.i love to eat.
25.my right arm is really sore from playing wii bowling all weekend.