Saturday, December 6, 2008

Birthing of a website

How amazing it is to (for the first time in my life) to witness the birthing of a website..and not a baby! :) Since I joined the practice in 2006, I had often thought of how amazing it would be to create such an entity. When I rejoined the practice this month (it's a long story) it occurred to me that if I put forth the effort, this dream of mine could perhaps become a reality! I called around and ask several individuals about helping me out with no success. I was told "I don't have the time" or "The price for the website you have in mind will be a couple of thousand dollars." I knew that I, nor the Bamberg Practice, could afford to pay this kind of money. I continued to think about the website and pray that the Lord would provide me with a way to get a website created without involving massive amounts of money! A couple of weeks later I had the opportunity to go with my best friend, Rachel, to witness the birth of her 5 th child, Anna. I didn't get to catch this one for Rachel, but at least I did get the honor of giving her my name! While we waited for baby Anna to arrive I happened to mention my desires for a website to Rachel's husband, Jeremy. Without any reservation, Jeremy stated that he would create this website for me..for free!!!! Little did I know, but I was sitting beside the blessing that the Lord provided for me! The website is a work in progress, but the site (as it is now) way surpasses my hopes and dreams for what the website would become. I just want to thank Jeremy for his friendship and his dedication to this website.....he is truly a God send! I never thought I would say witnessing any thing other than a baby being birthed was exciting, but I am kinda digging this whole website thing...

Baby-Catcher Anna
The pic enclosed is Abbey and baby Anna Felicity:)

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