Monday, April 27, 2009

this and that...

I feel like such a poor blogger being that I haven't blogged in two whole weeks--yikes!!! So sorry! We have been busy here in the "Berg." Last week we had three beautiful births--two of which were first time moms! Congrats to our moms! All of the moms did a fantastic job! I am so proud of them! One of our moms had a marathon labor lasting 18 plus hours--poor thing the baby was persistant OP (sunny-side up) and she stayed at 5 cm for a good 5-6 hours! I am convinced she would have been sectioned at any other hospital. I am so lucky to work for a doctor that gives mothers the benefit of the doubt when they don't stick to a text book type labor. That mother went on to vaginally deliver a beautiful 7lb 4 oz baby boy with no problems! The baby did a long arc rotation on the mother's perineum (basically the baby did a complete turn from sunny-side up to looking down prior to the head being born!). My student Amy (from MUSC) caught the baby and also did a fantastic job! I am including a pic of this mother in today's blog. It looks like May is going to be pretty busy as well. We have one planned water-birth which should be super fun! We have had many patients recently ask if we do water-births at our practice. We most certainly do, the only kicker is you would have to bring your own tub. The good news is the birthing tub kits that are mostly found online are relatively cheap (about $100.00), good quality, and easy to assemble. I have done several water-births and find that the mothers consistently say that the water is great for pain management! Also, if you think about it--the baby lives in a bag of water and being born into the water makes for a very smooth transition from the womb to the outside world.

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