Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Other Midwife

Happy Mother's Day.

My dear friend Anna gave me a nice mother's day present today. Even though I am not on call we had a family that was due any day. I have assisted this couple in the birth of their other children and really wanted to be with them for this baby. Anna graciously let me midwife for them again even though it was her turn.

The work of giving birth is so astounding. Most of us do labor in the true sense of the word. Most of us also think we can't do it right before we do. As I cupped my hands to receive this child from her body I again remembered the birth of my two sons. As I handed the baby into her waiting arms I again felt the weight of my children on my abdomen, in my arms and always in my heart. As the father cut the cord he started the process of letting their child go. Our children, newborn or grown, here with us or gone, always in out hearts.

There is a new little boy in the world today. Happy Mother's day.

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