Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The tree of life...

It's amazing how one day can change everything. We tend to take life for granted not realizing that each day is an amazing gift. I feel like I have experienced one end of the life spectrum, witnessing a birth, and the other end, being death...all in one weeks time. On Friday, I had the awesome opportunity to deliver my friends Shawn and Jessica's baby. I delivered their first baby as well! The birth was beautiful and I can't get over just how stinkin pretty their baby is! What a blessing to be a part of witnessing Shawn and Jessica's family grow. I hope to catch many more for them.:) I am including a picture of Madison!

The day after witnessing this amazing birth I learned the heart-breaking news that my grandmother is dying. She is my best friend and I still think I am in shock. She has played such a vital role in my Christian walk. She has never been in the hospital and lives a very active life--still driving, living by herself, and gardening--at 83 years old. I am so blessed to have been so close to my grandmother for the past 29 years. Imagining life without her is so hard to fathom. My grandmother and I have talked openly about death throughout the years and she is very much at peace about dying. She states she is ready to "graduate." What a healthy way to view death--for we are all graduating if you think about it;) I ask that you guys please remember her in your prayers. My upmost desire is that she will "graduate" without suffering and as peacefully as possible.


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Shaun said...

The 1st one of ours, "my clone," the you caught turned 2 on the 2nd. Being that we were at the hospital post catching, we really didn't celebrate it...her birthday party will be on the 16th.

Just a little note...y'all..when Anna puts on her mitt (Size M sterile gloves), it's business, and she means it. When she gets 'in position' she gets that kid in a candy store look on her face!

We are praying with you!

At birth, you have only one organ that will remain the same throughout your entire life. What is it?