Thursday, June 25, 2009


I promise I am not missing in action! This month has brought many challenges to the practice. Being that the economy is bad, it unfortunately effects everyone. We are plugging away and the Lord is providing our every step. We have also had a busy month at the practice catching babies! I think, I alone, have delivered 7 this month. God is good! We have many new healthy babies--and mothers. I temporarily took down the blog site to think and to regather my thoughts. In the mean time, I have had many people e-mailing as to where the blog disappeared to! I am so glad to know you guys care! :)Thank you for keeping me encouraged!

Other news..the waiting room has been painted and looks so much better--and cleaner!Several people told me not to bother painting it, but I am so glad we went forth with the project! Special thanks to my friends--Rachel, Jeremy, and Jonathan! We managed to get it painted in 2 days and clean up a massive paint spill on the floor--hehe.:) We also bought some new toys and spruced things up!

I am in the process of doing some research on cloth diapers. I became interested in this subject after watching my best friend, Rachel, use cloth diapers with her last two children Caleb and Anna Felicity. I will be posting a blog about this topic sometime this weekend! The cloth diapers that are out are quite impressive and ingenious!

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Rachel said...

If I had known what I know now, all of my children would have been cloth diapered... and think of the money I would've saved!

Love you!